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Save the World!

You are like her,

She is like you.

She gives you life,

You destroy her.

You need her to live,

She doesn't need you


Act Together for the Future!

Let us stand together for a future 

that is clean and green.

Where nature surrounds us like a shield.

Let us come together for a better future.

Let us save the Earth before it's too late.

Come together so the future rewards us.

Save the world so our planet can flourish for a long time.

Let us fight for the Earth, for a world

where we can live in peace.

So that children can still enjoy nature,

see the sun shine again,

watch the trees grow, hear the birds sing.

Let us act together now,

change the world through our actions,

for a future that remains clean and green.


The Dirty Cry of Nature!

Burnt fields, toxic rain,

Nature is dying and screaming in pain.

It calls out that we must act, fast and today,

or the future will no longer bring us joy.

Burnt fields, toxic rain,

this must come to an end.

Let's act now, together and strong,

for a future that delights us all.

Burnt fields, toxic rain,

haunts us no more.

Let's act now, for a future that shines,

so our planet is no longer in danger, and nature no longer cries.

Burnt fields, toxic rain,

should exist no more.

Let's act now, for a future that is pure,

so our planet and nature stay healthy.

Burnt fields, toxic rain,

should exist no more.

Let's act now, for a winning future,

so our planet and nature stay healthy.


Labyrinth of Life: Unfulfilled Longings!

I feel like in a labyrinth,

Without an exit and without light.

I feel lost, without orientation.

I wander through the streets, without a goal,

I don't know where my steps are leading me.

I am searching, but don't know for what,

I seek answers, To questions slumbering in my heart.

I search for my place in this world, For my purpose, my meaning.

I search for love, For someone with whom I can share my heart.

I search for friendship, For people who understand me and accompany me.

I search for peace, For a place where I can feel safe.

I search, but I don't know for what, I feel lost, without a goal.

I search for something that fulfills me, Something that touches my heart.

I search for something that satisfies my soul, Something that quenches my longings.

I search, but I don't know for what, I feel lost, without a goal.

I search for my identity, For an understanding of myself.


The Power Within!

Thrown into deep waters,

No choice, no question,

Trapped in a world,

Where I must bend.

Walking paths preordained,

Captured like a dragon,

no wings, no freedom.

Yet within me,

I feel the power,

Mold it with my dreams,

my thoughts.

In my thoughts,

I spread my wings,

Soar high in the sky,

Discovering freedom.

I am the master of my soul,

I am the creator of my future,

I am the architect of my world,

I am the world.


On the Journey of Self-Discovery!

Where do I come from? From the past.

Who am I? A shadow,

Where am I? In thoughts,

How did I get here? Through dreams,

But what is this Here and Now?

A new chapter, a new page.

Let yourself be carried by life,

Enjoy every moment.

For only then will you find your happiness.

Lost in thoughts,

Wandering in my soul,

I wonder where I am,

And who I really am.

I seek for answers,

But find no solace,

For the past weighs heavily,

On my soul and my heart.


Warm Water!

Warm water on bare skin,

A feeling like being at home.

The rain falls gently on my face,

Like an embrace that comforts me.

I close my eyes, And savor every drop.

The rain cleanses my soul,

And gives me new hope.

I dance under the rain,

Without worries and without fear.

I let it carry me,

Into a world full of freedom.

The warm rain is like music,

That makes my heart sway.

I am grateful for every drop,

That lands on my skin.

I feel secure in this moment,

And know that everything will be fine.

The warm rain on my skin,

Is like a blessing from above.

I let it embrace me,

As if it will never let go.

I feel sheltered in its arms, In this rain that protects me.

I hear the drumming on the roof,

A rhythm that soothes me.

I breathe in and out deeply,

And feel more alive than ever.

I walk barefoot through the streets,

My feet bathing in the rain.

I laugh loudly as I jump through puddles,

And feel free and unburdened.

I am grateful for this rain,

That refreshes me anew.

I know it accompanies me on my journey,

And renews me time and again.

The warm rain on my skin, Is like a gift from heaven.

I let it carry me, Into a world where anything is possible.

I forget reality, All worries and pains disappear.

I feel light and carefree,

I hear the water's rush,

A soothing sound in my ears.

I breathe in and out deeply,

And feel completely relaxed.

I walk through the streets,

Without a goal and without determination.

I let the rain guide me,

And enjoy every moment.

I am grateful for this rain,

That liberates me from everything.

I let it carry me,

Into a world full of freedom and happiness.


In the Depths of Pain!

My heart is torn by pain on two sides,

A wound that burns deep within my soul.

I seek solace, but find it absent,

And each breath feels heavy and infinitely difficult.

I feel lost, alone, and frightened,

A shadow of myself, shattered and broken.

I want to escape, but there is no reprieve,

From this tormenting agony that has ensnared me.

I've tried to alleviate the pain,

Yet memories hold me captive.

I try to forget, but I cannot,

The past clings to me as if damning me.

I want to heal and rediscover myself,

But it seems impossible to escape this deep valley.

My heart is torn by pain on two sides,

And I wonder if it will ever heal again.


The Torments of the Soul!

The torments of the soul, infinitely deep, like a pain that hides within us and slowly destroys us.

We try to escape, but it follows us every step, it strikes us down and forces us to our knees.

We search for a way out, but it remains elusive, we fight against it, but it seems invincible.

It eats through our thoughts, through our dreams, it robs us of sleep and leaves us alone.

The torments of the soul, like an endless storm that whirls us around and drives us into the unknown.

We search for an anchor, for a firm grip, but the pain won't let go, it keeps us captive.


Trapped in My Thoughts!

I search for a way out,

but I feel so weak.

I am trapped in my thoughts,

a labyrinth that surrounds me.

I feel imprisoned in my life,

captured in my own world.

I long for freedom and lightness,

but my thoughts are bound.

I try to escape, but the darkness holds me captive.

I fight against my fears, but they envelop me like a band.

I don't know how to break free, how to escape this prison.

But I will not give up,

until I am free someday.


Caught Between Light and Shadow!

Trapped between light and shadow,

My mind ensnared in darkness.

Lost between day and night,

My soul hovers in the air.

The light on the horizon beckons me forth,

Yet darkness surrounds me like a gate.

I search for the path to freedom,

But my feet remain in the shadows.

The sun shines on my skin,

Yet I feel the chill of the night.

I search for a new way,

To escape from this darkness.

But despite all my struggle and strength,

I remain caught between light and shadow.


Tears of the Soul!

My soul weeps with pain,

My heart is heavy as lead.

I seek solace in every candle,

Yet find no peace therein.

Darkness envelops me entirely,

My mind is filled with sorrow.

I don't know what more I can do,

To be free from this pain.

I long for light and warmth,

For peace and security.

Yet it seems to me as if the storm

Is only tearing apart and biting into my life.

I pray to the stars above,

That they show me where I belong.

Yet, no one hears me in this night,

I am alone with my pain in the moor.




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