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Trapped in the illusion of hope!

I stand in front of the mirror, gazing at my face. It's the face of an adult man, caught between illusion and reality. I search in my face for the lost days of my childhood, for the days filled with dreams that have vanished and torn my soul apart. All I see now is age and the harsh reality of the world. But I refuse to give up. I want to remember the dreams and joy of my childhood, even if they lie in the past. I know that there is still a spark of hope within me, driving me to keep going and to seek new dreams and goals. I smile at myself in the mirror and decide not to be defeated by reality. I will keep fighting and pursue my dreams, no matter how challenging it may be. I will show my face to the world and prove that I am not just a man of the past but also a man with a future.


Captivity or Freedom in Thoughts!

In search of what makes life and the truth and freedom. Whether one liberates oneself or remains trapped in the world of tears. Everyone must answer this question for themselves, but the power of decision lies within all of us to break free from the shackles and attain freedom in our hearts. Each must find their own path. So let us not be ruled by fears and doubts but grant ourselves the freedom to unfold our full potential and take control of our destiny. Captivity or Freedom in Thoughts, the choice is ours. Let us choose freedom and savor life to the fullest.



The dream is our entire life, an endless loop of hope and despair that keeps us captive. We wake up, but the shadow of the dream stays with us, haunting us like a dark veil. We try to hide from it, but it is always there, relentless, unavoidable. I search for a way out of my dream, seeking an exit from this endless spiral of suffering and fear. However, the more I search, the stronger the dream seems to become, and I wonder if I will ever be able to escape it. I am constantly waiting for the friendly hand that will pull us out of the dream, bring us back to reality, and show us that there is more to life than this endless cycle of pain. Yet, this hand seems to be out of reach, and I wonder if I will ever be able to grasp it. Perhaps the dream is our entire life, but I refuse to let it control my life. I will continue to search for a way out and hope that the friendly hand will eventually come to redeem us."





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